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World’s Best to Compete on Beynon at First Ever Wanda Diamond League Final in U.S.

The University of Oregon’s Hayward Field will host historic event on Beynon Sports surface.

The pinnacle of the track season, the 2023 Wanda Diamond League Final at the Nike Prefontaine Classic this coming weekend (September 16th-17th), is set to be an exhilarating event, marking its debut on U.S. grounds. While the Diamond League Final has its roots in Europe, this year it will grace the University of Oregon's Hayward Field in Eugene, OR. This venue has been the backdrop for the Prefontaine Classic nearly every year since 1975.

Featuring a Beynon Sports BSS 2000 track surface, Hayward Field is drawing the world’s fastest runners, including Sha’Carri Richardson and Noah Lyles, both of whom have enjoyed dominant seasons. The Diamond League Final is the latest landmark moment for Hayward Field, which last year became the first-ever U.S. venue to host the World Athletics (WA) Championships in track and field. That event saw the crowning of three new world records and five championship records.

With over 30 scheduled events, Hayward Field, home of the world’s fastest 100-meter surface, will continue to prove itself as the country’s most renowned track and field facility. The presence of Richardson and Lyles will be especially bolstering, with the latter already a five-time Diamond Trophy winner. Both 100-meter events will take place on Saturday, with the men taking the track at 1:07 p.m. PT and the women competing at 1:40 p.m. PT.

Beynon Sports has been responsible for the manufacturing and installation of the track at Hayward Field since 1995. Beynon’s elite BSS 2000 track surface features a force-reduction layer of high-performance butyl rubber and Beynon’s two-component polyurethane that propels the athlete forward. Installed at over 80 high-profile venues, this track system is renowned across the globe as the best track surface. The running track surface at Hayward Field is a World Athletics Class I Certified Facility, the governing body’s highest classification standard. Beynon Sports has the most Class I Certified Facilities in the United States – Auburn, Texas A&M, Kansas, Oregon, and Texas at San Antonio.

"We’re incredibly excited to once again be part of history at Hayward Field. It’s a privilege and a great source of pride to see the world’s best track and field athletes compete on our surface,” said John T. Beynon, President, Beynon Sports. “The Diamond League Final is an event designed to inspire greatness and our track is built for speed. With those elements in play, we’re expecting to see a lot of memorable performances this weekend.”