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FieldTurf & Beynon plan for multi-million dollar renovations at Kokomo High School

The $3.8 million project will feature two new FieldTurf Classic HD fields and a Beynon BSS 1000 Track

As part of a $3.8 million renovation project, Kokomo High School has chosen FieldTurf and Beynon Sports to replace their stadium surface, practice field and nine-lane track.

To make this project come to life, Kokomo High School used FieldTurf and Beynon’s SmartBuy Cooperative Purchasing Program. This CO-OP program unites schools, municipalities and other public entities from around the country, helping each one of them save valuable time and money for facility enhancement projects. Click here to learn more about SmartBuy.

The new fields will showcase FieldTurf’s Classic HD system and Beynon’s BSS 1000 for the track.

“People think (Walter Cross Field) is used just a few times a year, but it is not,” explained Superintendent Dr. Jeff Hauswald. “The costs will be well worth it when you consider our facility is used 300 days out of the year. With a turf football field and turf practice field, spring sports like baseball and softball can get outside and practice.”

The practice field, which will be a multi-use facility, will be used by other sports along with the marching band.

“The band can practice at the same time as football on a field instead of a parking lot,” said Hauswald. “Our marching band has been very interested in space off the pavement. So, the practice field will also accommodate them.”

According to Hauswald, the Wildkats’ field was showing signs of wear and tear, making the decision to choose FieldTurf an easy one as the product will last for years.

“We only have one football field for events, and it is also used by the middle schools,” he said. “The reality is, you can’t have varsity, junior varsity, freshman and middle school football, and the band, all on one field. It just got beat up.”

Kokomo opted for FieldTurf’s Classic HD slit-film artificial turf fiber, which combines the durability of slit-film yarns with an upgraded production process to deliver the perfect combination of durability and softness. The Wildkats now join an impressive lineup of teams who play on Classic HD, including the Indianapolis Colts, Detroit Lions in the NFL, Illinois, Illinois State, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State, West Virginia, Nebraska, Washington, Texas, Texas Tech, in the NCAA and numerous other programs across the USA.

Track and Field

The Beynon track, which will be gray in color, is the most expensive piece of the puzzle at $1.5 million. The rest of the project includes sidewalks and fencing.

We have been patching the track for the last five years, and it could not be patched again,” he said. “The problem is, the track has been built up over the years, and it has to be stripped down – just like a road.”

Along with the Beynon track surface – and the addition of a ninth running lane – Cross Field will feature two high jump areas which will be located to the north of the field (outside of the running surface). In addition, the pole vault, shot put and long jump areas will be moved to the west of the main grandstands. The pole vault and long jump will also feature extended runways and each will have multiple pits so boys and girls can participate at the same time.

“With the extended runways, the pole vault and long jump would not fit inside the track,” explained Hauswald. “It also moves the athletes in the field events away from the track, which is a safety concern. Now, with the new location, we will install small bleachers and sidewalks.”

Work will begin immediately on the areas outside of the stadium. The football and track project will begin after the track season is complete, in late May. The football field will be ready for the 2017 season and the track and field areas by October.

Known for being as good (if not better) on race day as it is for training, the BSS 1000 is the same surface installed at high profile Indiana track and field venues such as Trine University, DePauw University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Indiana State University, and over 350 esteemed NCAA and elite high school facilities across North America and around the world.

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