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The Beynon Track at Hayward Field is a Record Breaking Machine

At the recent Prefontaine Classic and U.S. Olympic Trials, the new Beynon Sports surface at the University of Oregon’s Hayward Field took center stage, and it didn’t disappoint. The new venue produced some of the most thrilling performances of the year. Over 40 records were broken of which included World Records, World U20 Records, World U18 Best, American Records, U.S. Olympic Trails Records, Prefontaine Classic meet records, Diamond-League records and World-Leading marks.

Beynon Sports has been the surface of choice at Hayward Field since 1995, and a new surface was recently installed during the major overhaul of the venue. Beynon’s leading BSS 2000 systems with embedded texture was installed for the stadium surface. The system features a force reduction layer of high performance butyl rubber and two component polyurethane. The system delivers a consistent experience and provides the maximum energy restitution possible to the athlete. Installed at over 80 high-profile venues, the system is renowned across the globe. A BSS 1000 surface with Hobart texture was installed for the warm-up track and a BSS 1000 surface with encapsulated texture was installed for the concourse, a unique feature for the venue.

Hear from the track & field community:

“The track surface at Hayward is complete! Huge thank you to the Hayward Field project team and BeynonSports for their ongoing efforts to make this the world’s finest track facility during these complicated times.” Robert Johnson, Head Track & Field Coach, University of Oregon – Via Twitter

“I’d say the Beynon Sports Track where the Trials were held is the fastest track in the world. Beynon Sports tracks are the best tracks. How do I know?…we have one!” Scott Richardson, Head Track & Field Coach, Auburn University – Via Twitter

“I thought the Tokyo Mondo surface was supposed to be the fastest. This Beynon Sports surface at Hayward Field is on fire” Greg Rohr, Associate Head Coach, Sam Barlow High School and Western Oregon University Athletics Alumni – Via Twitter

The running track surface at Hayward is a World Athletics Class I Certified Facility, the governing body’s highest classification standard. Beynon Sports has the most World Athletics Class I Certified Facilities in the United States – Auburn University, Texas A&M University, Kansas University, University of Oregon and University of Texas at San Antonio.

Beynon Sports’ west coast office, proudly located in Tualatin, Oregon, led the installation and execution of the recent project at Hayward Field.