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Montana State’s new Beynon surface will stop you in your tracks

Montana State’s Bobcat Track and Field Complex is undergoing a major facelift, the first-time since 2002. The university is replacing their aged track with a state-of-the-art, high-performance Beynon Sports system.

“This project really puts MSU track and field in a truly outstanding category in the Big Sky Conference,” said Dale Kennedy, Head Track and Field Coach for Montana State University. “We can’t wait for our new recruits to arrive this year . . . this track will be a show stopper.”

Donors and the Bobcat Track and Field Association fully funded the track improvements and officials selected Beynon Sports due to its global reputation for daily training safety and competition performance. Beynon will install the BSS 1000 system to all areas of the oval and events areas. The track will feature the University’s striking colors - a blue oval surface with gold relay exchange zones.

“The school colors on the track tell our student athletes - right away - that we take pride in their facilities and pride in this sport,” said Kennedy.

The school has a history of major public support for the track and field program. And athletes feel that same support from the top of the Athletic Department, as well: “We treat the team like a big family with an emphasis on “team”. . . it’s a powerful environment for our athletes, especially as some come from track as an individual sport, not a team sport,” said Kennedy.

Known to be as good (if not better) on race day as it is for training, the same Beynon surface also takes center stage at many esteemed NCAA and elite high school facilities across the country.

Beynon surfaces not only stand-up to all weather, but also provide resilient response and maximum energy return, allowing athletes to shatter records. The MSU facility will also see upgrades to the long and triple jump pits.

“We’re proud to partner with Montana State and their incredibly supportive community to build one of the best track facilities in the Big Sky Conference,” said John Beynon, President of Beynon Sports.