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The Growing Popularity of Water-Based Running Track Surfaces

The use of water-based structural sprays for running track surfaces isn’t new but has seen a recent spike in popularity among facility managers, architects and engineers. While water-based running tracks are prevalent on the West Coast of the United States, the technology is moving east at a very rapid pace and you can quickly understand why.

Why the rise in popularity? Water-based running track surfaces offer numerous advantages over the traditional isocyanate-based structural sprays. Water-based sprays are an environmentally-friendly alternative that provides superior durability, color retention, and a quicker installation process without the undesirable odor that accompanies traditional moisture-cured systems that incorporate isocyanates into their formulations.

With over 200 installations in the last ten years, Beynon’s proprietary water-based structural spray system, the BEYPUR 160, is the leading and most trusted choice for recreational and education track and field facilities.

If you’re building a running track, why should you consider a water-based running track surface?

BETTER PHYSICAL PROPERTIES & UV COLOR RETENTION: BEYPUR 160 withstands spikes and keeps its original color longer than the traditional isocyanate-based structural spray applications. The BEYPUR 160 incorporates specialized UV resistant pigments so surface colors retain their original hue. Additionally, the water-based urethane is aliphatic, so colors that have traditionally faded over time – such as blues, oranges and purples - remain colorfast, regardless of climate.

WIDE ARRAY OF COLORS: The BEYPUR 160 is offered in a wide array of color options to design your facility. Owners can showcase their team’s colors or include a unique exchange-zone design without the worry that the colors will fade.

IT’S GREEN! : Beynon’s water-based running track surface is certified GreenGuard Gold™ which ensures that it is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities. It is referenced by both The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Building Rating System. Beynon’s BEYPUR 160 emits low to zero volatile organic compounds and has no isocyanates and odor. Simply put, water-based means less chemical emission in the air, helping improve your facilities air quality.

IT IS THE NEW STANDARD: With hundreds of applications in the last ten years, Beynon’s water-based spray works and it has the resume to prove it. Our track record of durability, color retention, and UV stability, along with our comprehensive single-source warranty allows owners to rest easy.

The state of California has recently opted to install ONLY water-based running track surfaces in lieu of the traditional isocyanate-based structural spray textures.

CLEAN & QUICK INSTALLATION: Using a water-based structural spray allows your new track surface to be installed in less time. When a water-based running track is installed, less preparation work needs to be done to protect the surrounding areas - requiring only soap and water for cleaning up.

Preparing the installation of an isocyanate-based structural spray can cost up to $20,000. That’s a cost that adds zero value to your program. With less set-up time needed and faster drying times your athletes will be able to get back on the track days earlier than expected.

Available for new construction or resurfacing, Beynon’s BEYPUR 160 water-based based polyurethane structural spray is a trusted choice. It’s not just a track; it’s a home for your athletes. Build it right. Find your Beynon expert to get started Here.