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Track & Field: Guide to Snow Removal and Winter Running

Beynon Sports’ Track & Field systems are designed to withstand the elements and conditions of all four seasons. When preparing for winter and spring more care must be taken to keep your track looking and performing at its best.

How to get started? Here’s our guide to getting your facility ready for winter and spring:


When competing in extreme, cold temperatures it is important to use rubber soled shoes instead of running spikes. Spikes, as they are designed, dig into the track surface for more traction. In the cold temperatures the track surface can be brittle, and the use of spikes may cause excessive wear to the surface. Using rubber soled shoes will prevent this and potentially extend the life of your surface.


Periodic snow removal from the track surface is necessary and there are many precautions you must take into consideration. The best way to safely remove the snow from the surface is to walk or run on the track helping to accelerate the work of the sun in melting the snow. While walking on the track it is important to allow a drainage path for the melted snow to follow towards the infield of the track.


The use of mechanical devices such as a plow or snow blower on the track surface is not recommended. A snow plow has the potential to tear or abrade the surface and the twisting or torque pressure from the tires may cause the synthetic surface asphalt bond to tear and breakaway. This may result in a bubble or loosened delaminated areas. A snow blower, if not careful can cut the edge of the track surface. With an impermeable track system any tears or rips in the surface will allow moisture penetration and may prematurely accelerate the wearing of the surface.

For questions regarding snow removal, winter use or surface maintenance, we’re here to help. Reach out to your service experts at or 888-240-3670.